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Green Factory

Comprehensive utilization of green electricity

Green electricity applications are actively arranged in the copper foil production bases subordinate to Londian Wason Holdings, and photovoltaic power generation boards are erected in production parks.

Zero emission

Londian Wason Holdings will establish the zero emission supply chain system together with the upstream and downstream partners in the industry.

Advanced energy distribution systems

An industry-advanced energy distribution system is set up, improving the energy utilization efficiency, with systematical and dynamical energy distribution.

Safety Factory

Public Welfare and Charity


Support Henan | Londian Wason Holdings has donated RMB 1 million


Pass the love and work as one | Zhang Jianqiang, Secretary of Jianxi District has led all officials for donation to our employees


Fulfill social responsibility to help rural revitalization | Longdian Huaxin 2023 Lingbao Apple public welfare procurement activity