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Company Introduction

Londian Wason (Shenzhen) Holdings Group Co., Ltd is a large group enterprise focus on the manufacturing and R&D of the new energy material. In the new energy market,the core product is high-end electrolytic copper foil.

In 2024, the group is expected to have an operating income of more than 10 billion yuan, total assets of over 19 billion yuan, more than 3,500 employees, 6 copper foil production subsidiaries, 2 copper foil technology research institutes, and 1 flexible copper clad laminate manufacturer. The R&D and production bases are located in Lingbao Henan, Dongying Shandong, Baoji Shaanxi, Nanjing Jiangsu, and Nanning Guangxi respectively.

At present, the total production capacity and capacity utilization rate of lithium battery copper foil rank first in China and the world. With its excellent product quality, rich product specifications, cutting-edge product technology, and excellent customer service, the products have been widely recognized by the industry and sold locally and globally. The products have carried out in-depth cooperation with the world's major first-class lithium power battery manufacturers and internationally renowned electronic circuit manufacturers.

Extending from copper and producing high quality foils ——Londian Wason is committed to becoming a technological research and development led advanced manufacturing enterprise, and helping the world create a clean, efficient and beautiful future.

Development Milestone


Wason Copper Foil, the wholly-owned subsidiary, established


J&W Group became the controlling shareholder holding up to 97.4%


Strategic shareholders such as SK Group of South Korea, Future Assets of South Korea, China-Korea Fund, and National Science and Technology Venture Capital Development Center have been introduced successively


Acquired Lingbao Wason Copper Foil and vigorously established Lingbao Baoxin Electronics


Acquired Shaanxi Hanhe New Materials


Acquired Shandong Hesheng Copper


Londian Wason Technology (supply chain platform), the wholly-owned subsidiary, established


Hesheng Copper phase I 5000 tons/year put into production, and started the phase II 5000 tons/year expansion project


J&W Group and SK added another 1 billion yuan to the company


Nanjing Longxin Electronic, the wholly-owned subsidiary, established


Implement the first phase of equity incentive


Baoxin Electronic annual production capacity increased by 15,000 tons, entering the "annual output of 40,000 tons of lithium copper foil era"


Hesheng Copper Industry annual production capacity reached 10,000 tons, launched the Phase-III 20,000 tons of lithium copper foil


Established a wholly-owned subsidiary - Londian Wason Nanjing Research Institute


Hanhe New Materials Phase II was put into production at 5,000 tons/year, with an annual capacity of 10,000 tons


Wason Copper Foil Phase IV 8,000 tons/year HVLP copper foil project was put into operation, with an annual capacity of 30,000 tons


Longxin Electronic Phase-I was put into production, with an annual capacity of 10,000 tons


Hesheng Copper Phase III 10,000 tons/year project was put into operation with an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons. The Group’s annual production capacity of cooper foil exceeded 110,000 tons.


The operating entity was changed to Londian Wason (Shenzhen) Holdings Group Co., Ltd, through Business restructuring


Nanning Ningxin New Materials, the wholly-owned subsidiary, established.


Nanjing Longxin Electronic, The first phase of the 30,000 tons/year project was completed, and the new 28,000 tons/year project was launched


Hesheng Copper ,The third phase of the expansion was put into operation with an annual capacity of 10,000 tons, The annual production capacity is 30,000 tons


The Group’s annual production capacity of cooper foil exceeded 140,000 tons

Management Team

Zeng Xiangxin


General Manager
and Chairman of Longxin Electronics
2020 – now

Zhou Guangling

General Manager

Vice Chairman, Executive Vice President
and Chairman, Ningxin New Materials
2001 - Now

Li Ying'en

vice chairman executive vice president

Vice President
and Chairman of Wason Copper Foil
2009 - Now

Bai Zhongbo

Vice President

Vice President
and Director of Administration Center
2016 - now

Zeng Shan

Vice President

Financial Controller
2014 - now

Zhou Xi

Financial Controller

Secretary of the Board and
the Director of Security and Legal Dept. 2022 - now

Zheng Zheng

Secretary of the Board


Corporate culture

Corporate Vision

Copper-based lean foil manufacturing, growing into a global leader in the manufacturing of new energy materials

Corporate mission

Rooted in R&D and manufacturing of new materials, and assisting in global scientific and technological innovation

Corporate Values

Pragmatic, efficient, honest and responsible

Management Idea

Development driven by innovation, and customer satisfaction based on quality
Seize the market with integrity and make further steady progress with honesty