Lithium-ion battery copper foil PCB copper foils Flexible copper clad laminate R&D and Manufacturing Service and Support

Product Services

R&D technologies

International research team: led by senior industry experts from China, Japan and South Korea, and consisting of domestic high-end young talents engaged in electrochemistry, materials science, and mechanics.

Technological monopoly broken for many times, and continuous iteration of high-performance products:
The 6μm high-strength lithium copper foil products have been successfully developed and the earliest batch to the market, a number of technologies to fill the domestic gap, the overall technology has reached the international advanced level;
The 6μm super strong lithium copper foil product development success;
The 5μm high modulus copper foil first developed successfully;
The 4.5μm lithium copper foil products are supplied to BYD, China Innovation Singapore Airlines and other leading lithium enterprises in batches, and the performance indicators of the products have reached the world's leading level;
The 4μm series 330-400MPa medium strength, 400-500MPa high-strength, and 500MPa or above ultrahigh-strength whole series high-grade copper foils have been mass produced, breaking the monopoly of Japanese and Korean enterprises in the copper foils for very thin lithium batteries;

The HVLP (5G) copper foil has been first successfully developed and mass produced in China.

Continuous increase of investment in scientific research, and abundant results: With the highest R&D cost in the industry, i.e. over 5%, the company has been totally awarded with 481 utility model patents and 52 patents for invention, and has published 34 scientific papers and transformed 24 achievements.

Production process

Over 20 years of copper foil manufacturing experience: There are over 200 staff experienced in the copper foil manufacturing for over 20 years. Product processes and technology quality have become the industry benchmarks. Brand advantages are accumulated based on technical advantages, and products are sold overseas. 

Worldwide first-class equipment and production technologies: Advanced equipment imported from abroad is adopted mainly, together with the international advanced low-temperature copper melting technology, whole-process online monitoring equipment, production equipment at a high degree of automation, and a large number of green energy and advanced energy distribution systems.


Quality assurance system

Advanced manufacturing processes and equipment assuring the product quality: 10,000-level dust-free workshop, intelligent temperature and humidity control system, international advanced thickness scanning and testing equipment.

Having worldwide advanced quality testing equipment: Peeling strength testing machine, roughness tester, scanning electron microscope, Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrometry (ICP-OES), high-temperature elongation-tensile strength testing machine, online thickness tester, online defect detector, 1/10000 electronic scales, and DCS distributed control system. 

New Energy Grade-S Supplier of LG, Excellent Supplier of CATL, Grade-A Supplier of SCC for three consecutive years, and only domestic copper foil supplier of Panasonic Electric for ten consecutive years.