Founding Time

300 +


300 mu

Land occupation of the park

28,000 tons

The existing production capacity 

Corporate Style

Company Profile

Nanjing Longxin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Londian Wason (Shenzhen) Holdings Group Co., Ltd., serves as the headquarter base of Londian Wason Holdings in the East China. It is regarded as a major project in Jiangsu Province in 2022, with the total investment of RMB 5 billion and the land occupation of 300 mu in the park.

Foil workshop

[Performance Improvement of Foil Machine] The PNT foil machine purchased is the South Korean version of the foil machine, which is significantly improved compared to the previous generation. The pre- and post-anti-oxidation tensions are controlled separately to achieve long winding and large winding diameter, with a length of up to 50,000 meters.

Copper dissolution workshop

[Low-temperature spraying copper dissolution] Copper is dissolved by the low-temperature spraying copper dissolution alternatively, which reduces the copper dissolution temperature of CuSO4 solution from approximately 85℃ to 45-60℃, decreases the risk in the high-temperature chemical reactions of additives in the clean liquid tank, and contributes to improving all technical indexes of copper foils. In the meantime, chemical corrosion rates of tank materials in low-temperature environments will be greatly reduced.

Slitting workshop

[New models of Lingsen slitting machines are adopted] The fourth and fifth generations of slitting machines are adopted, allowing automatic tool setting and automatic weighing, enhancing the degree of equipment automation, and increasing the personnel investment. Besides, 14-16 slitting machines are planned for the capacity of 10,000t, and the zero clock shift is cancelled to reduce misoperation and safety risks.

Product storage

[Intelligent freight system] The intelligent control, including the AGV system, enables the fully automated transportation and automatic axle pulling, the effective transport at any station, the reduction of human resource waste, and more convenient management. Moreover, downstream customers also currently have strong demands for the intelligence of upstream suppliers, which will enhance the overall image and competitiveness of the company.

Air conditioning system of clean workshop

[Air conditioning system of clean workshop] According to the airflow simulation test, the air supply method is changed from full-top air supply to air supply+side air supply. On the premise of meeting the workshop cleanliness requirements, it is able to reduce the air supply volume in the workshop and also the cooling capacity by air conditioning, with the equipment investment reduced by 40% approximately and the air conditioning operation cost greatly saved. It is expected to save the operation cost of RMB 9.17 million annually.