Founding Time

1100 +


305 mu

Land occupation of the park

40,000 tons

The existing production capacity

Corporate Style

Company Profile

As the subsidiary of Londian Wason (Shenzhen) Holdings Group Co., Ltd., Lingbao Baoxin Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is the national new high-tech enterprise and the national specialized, refined, peculiar and novel "little giant" firm with the largest capacity of single copper foils in Asia. It owns the total assets of RMB 4.1 billion and over 1,100 employees, and occupies the land area of 305 mu in the park.

Solution preparation workshop

Using advanced high-temperature copper dissolving technology and 3 mm oxide-free copper wire, the copper dissolving speed is faster and the solution is purer.

Foil workshop

Advanced and international state-of-the-art foil-making machines, cathode rollers and other key production equipment, as well as first-class processes are adopted in the foil workshop with the 100,000-level cleanliness.

Slitting workshop

High-speed slitting machines meet the needs of different customers.

Precision testing equipment

Precision testing equipment and DCS online detection system effectively safeguard the quality monitoring and stability of high-end electrolytic copper foils.

Intelligent three-dimensional warehouse

Intelligent three-dimensional warehouses allow the automatic handling and storage of products.

Display of major copper foils

Display of major copper foils.

Honors and Qualifications

Worker Vanguard

National-level specialized, special and new small giant enterprise

Lithium battery copper foil smart factory

Integration of industrialization and industrialization standard implementation enterprise