Founding Time



156 mu

Land occupation of the park 

30,000 tons

The existing production capacity

Corporate Style

Company Profile

Lingbao Wason Copper-Foil Co., Ltd. is the subsidiary of Londian Wason (Shenzhen) Holdings Group Co., Ltd. Founded in 2001 with the registered capital of RMB 1.68 billion and the total assets of RMB 3.6 billion, the company currently has the ability to produce the 4-70μm high precision electrolytic copper foils and the copper foil capacity of 30,000t/a. Products are sold to leading international and domestic enterprises.

Solution preparation workshop

The raw materials are dissolved into a copper sulfate solution by sulfuric acid, which passes through a diatomaceous earth filter and a high-precision filter. After multi-stage filtration, the solution is injected into the copper foil production system.

Foil workshop

Internationally state-of-the-art production equipment like cathode rollers and foil-making machines is adopted with a high degree of automation, stable production and high yield, ranking among the top in the industry.

Surface treatment workshop

Surface treatment machines are imported from South Korea and Japan. The unit is ganged with a rectifier and an additive metering pump, with fast processing speed, high degree of automation and stable operation, effectively saving the manpower and material resources and allowing.

Slitting workshop

The slitting machines imported from South Korea, the online appearance detectors imported from the United States, the imported online thickness gauges, and the slitting device equipped with tungsten steel cutters are adopted to cut the copper foils of different widths as needed by customers.