Founding Time

200 +


100 mu

Land occupation of the park

10,000 tons

The existing production capacity


Corporate Style

Company Profile

Situated in the Fengxian County Fengzhou New Materials Industrial Park, Shaanxi Hanhe New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Londian Wason (Shenzhen) Holdings Group Co., Ltd., was founded in February 2016 with the registered capital of RMB 200 million, the land occupation of 70 mu and over 260 employees at present. It is a new high-tech enterprise engaged in manufacturing, sales and after-sales service of copper foils. Currently, the company is cumulatively able to produce 10,000t/a copper foils for negative electrode, and has realized the annual income of RMB 1 billion.

Solution preparation workshop

Solution preparation: The electrolytic solution is produced through the efficient copper dissolve tank. After two efficient precision filtrations by diatomaceous earth filter and fine filter, all process indexes are monitored in real time by DCS in the whole process, with process parameters stabilized to produce the qualified electrolytic solutions in line with the production needs of high-quality copper foils.

Foil workshop

Raw materials react with sufficient oxygen in a high-temperature acidic solution in an efficient copper melting tank, and then filtered based on the secondary high precision. The qualified solution is transported to the raw foil electrolytic cell through the fully automatic control system. Qualified copper foils are produced by the solution in the electrolytic cell through electrolytic reaction. The entire process is controlled by the precise monitoring system, ensuring that solution parameters are qualified. Stable major parameters of each foil-making machines guarantee the product quality.

Slitting workshop

The slitting section performs the winding operation through the slitting machine according to the clients' technical requirements, cutting the finished product with good appearance and good edge to the appropriate width, meter and weight to ensure that the customers' needs are met, as determined by the quality inspector. After passing the test, it will be packed with EPE foam. After packing, warehousing, loading and other processes, it will be sent to the client to ensure normal use by the client.

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2018 Advanced Unit for the Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

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