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Nanjing Londian Wason New Energy Materials Industry Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Londian Wason Nanjing Research Institute is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China. It was established in 2021 as a collaborative research institution between universities, enterprises, and research institutes. Currently, it has five doctoral researchers, with over 70% of its staff holding master's or doctoral degrees. Londian Wason Nanjing Research Institute focuses on addressing significant demands in the field of advanced materials technology for the future. Its mission is to become a world-class institution in the high-end electrolytic copper foil industry, integrating applied research, technological innovation, achievement commercialization, and industrial incubation. The construction of the research building is currently underway, and it is expected to be completed and put into use in 2024.

Henan High-Precision Copper Foil Industry Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Londian Wason Henan Research Branch is located in Lingbao, Henan Province. It was established in 2022 and consists of a core team composed of industry-leading experts and renowned specialists. The team specializes in fields such as electrochemistry, materials science, and electromechanical engineering. The accumulated cutting-edge industry practice and the global resource network ensure that the research and development level of electrolytic copper foil in the Henan Research Branch remains at a world-class level. Currently, it possesses more than 50 sets of high-precision imported instruments and equipment.